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Robert Halamicek in der Galerie Röver

Robert Halamíček

born on September 11th, 1964 in Nový Jičín (Czech republic)

1984 – 1989 Faculty of Natural Science of Charles University Prague, applied geophysics

May 1989 – take-off to the exile (Germany, Nürnberg)


December 2002 – Franken Cultural Forum Award

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Robert Halamíček´s Photos

What is that? Deep rivers, azure blue something, out of which paradises and abysses are made from? Sea bays or blue horizons, necessary to be nested into, which reach far away - up to the land of nowhere? Crystalline substances? Something, which has never been here before, or at least has not been seen in this way, captured only by a new and distinctive angle of view? What is that, actually?

Photographer Robert Halamíček brings us up almost visionary views of microstructures, which can be found in the nature, but at the same time function as abstractions, hiding into the diversity of the light reflections and materials. But their designation can never be identified. As if they were views from the window, which opens us among others the old question about the substance of the space or of the living environment, in which we find ourselves. What is this, life? Everything is possible, every opinion or fantastic interpretation, but nothing is certain. All obvious excludes itself, basically has not chance.

It is not fundamental, what are the photographs about, says the artist, important is the existence of those subjects, their curiously beautiful structure, which is necessary to discover. It is photographically captured poetry of „ordinary” subjects, which Halamíček formulates and by means of his microscopic view detaches out of those galaxies of profiles and forms the nature brims over with. Whether they are bark of the trees, frozen mire or frogspawn, in his pictures they reach a new aesthetical dimension.

Halamíček´s photographs act as detailed or overall snapshots of kaleidoscopic eternity, although at the same time also as dark irritations, outshined beauty and digital drawings of high plasticity.

Barbara Bogen, Bayerischer Rundfunk (translated by Jiří Plešek)